Business Guide

We are in partnersh
ip with domestic distilleries, to manufacture and sell distilled liquor to meet customer needs. In particular, we are able to manufacture both pure malt
whisky (aging or no aging) and blended whisky, which falls in relatively low price range.

Features of the company

Our goal is to help our clients by manufacturing
products that differentiate from its competitors or national brands via domestic distilleries, mainly distilled liquors such
as whisky and spirits.
In other words, we are a company that manufactures highly competitive products that is able to acquire unique markets for clients, who are different from national brands.

Company profile

Name Shiki Shuzo Corp.
Head office 696 11 Shidehara Itagaya, Yachiyo ku,
Takacho, Taka gun, Hyogo, 6770114 Japan
TEL +81 795 37 0344 / FAX +81 795 37 0345
CEO Kazuhito Murai
Establish Date September 5, 2019
Capital 10 million yen
Description of business  Manufacturer of OEM whisky, importer and wholesaler of ingredients
License・Permission Manufacturing license for whisky
Manufacturing license for spirits
Manufacturing license for liqueur
Import license for ethanol